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The beginning of the school year marks the return to routine for most of us. No matter what your New Years’ resolutions may or may not have been, the year is now well and truly off and running and this is where good habits can either become well established-or profoundly unstuck!!!
Research suggest that it takes about 6-8 weeks for a new habit or routine to become really established, so when we give our clients dietary and lifestyle advice we encourage patience and persistence, but also checks and accountability (for instance a food or exercise diary can be a really useful tool).  I often encourage clients to keep a small notebook listing how certain exercise or foods affect how you feel-feeling good should be a pretty high motivator!!


Here in the clinic we are also happily into the New Year. We have reinstated our own dispensary and can now provide herbal medicines and supplements in house. 
We are trialing a fantastic new range of probiotics at the moment-so far with excellent results. 
We are also able to pass on some great specials on fish oils and COQ10. Both are great for cardiovascular health in addition to a range of other benefits.
We are also increasing other resources including patient information handouts to increase involvement in your own wellbeing.


There seems to be a new diet or way of eating being touted almost every week in the media. Some last for a nanosecond but others persist for a year or two before they’re confined to the back shelf. 
There’s a huge discrepancy at times with these food fads and good evidence or scientific rigour, while others do seem to actually hold up to the science. 
Food is something we need to keep us well, its something that should be pleasurable and whenever possible shared in good company. We generally advocate sensible healthy eating mostly based on the Mediterranean diet, which has for aeons been associated with longevity and reduced risk of chronic disease.


As many of you will know, in addition to her passion for women’s health and fertility support, Erin has a profound interest in the management of anxiety disorders and mental health. Herbal medicine is arguably our best tool in the management of these conditions as well as (you guessed it!) exercise! 

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Bioceuticals Direct Ordering

 Bioceuticals order

If you are a patient of the Hobart Naturopath, you can purchase your Bioceutical products directly from the Bioceuticals website.

Step1: Go to the Bioceuticals homepage
•    Simply click this link to the Bioceuticals homepage

Step 2: Setup an account
•    Your will now see the Bioceuticals homepage
•    Go to login in the upper right corner
•    You will need to set up an account as a “patient” and use the codeword southhobart

Step 3: Select your products.


Coriolus PSP

trametes versicolor turkey tailCoriolus PSP is a special extract of the spores from the fungus Turkey tail. It’s botanical name is Trametes Versicolor (also known as Coriolus versicolor, or Kawaratake in Japanes, or Yun-Zhi in Chinese). The medicinal plant part is the fruiting body.

The active compounds are known as polysaccharide peptide (PSP) and polysaccharide krestin (PSK).

PSP and PSK have been investigated as adjuvant medicines during chemotherapy and radiation. Studies have found that these immune enhancing polysaccharides enhance quality of life of cancer patients.

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