Hormonal Issues

babyA few years ago, we spent many months researching and writing for the third edition of Ruth Trickey’s fabulous text “Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle”.

The knowledge gained from both this, and more recent research, daily informs our treatment of hormonal issues in women from adolescence through childbearing to beyond the menopausal years.

Herbal medicines can improve the majority of hormonal issues including painful, heavy or irregular periods, hormonal imbalances including PCOS and premenstrual symptoms and can improve or help gain optimal fertility, including during assisted fertility treatments such as IVF.

While working in Ruth’s clinic in Melbourne for two years, I (Erin) gained exceptional experience through referrals from Melbourne IVF and other fertility experts. It is of course, a very rewarding area to work in-especially when the result is a healthy bub!