Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

depressionMany of you will be aware that I (Erin) have a particular interest in the treatment of anxiety disorders and mental health issues.

Many physical issues are exacerbated and sometimes even caused by anxiety; yet the opposite can also be the case and having chronic physical health impairment can create stress, anxiety and even depression.

A wholistic approach to diagnosing and treating the root cause as well as the symptoms of poor mental health especially when combined with physical symptoms is essential. 

Herbal and nutritional medicines are a well-researched and effective way to manage of such conditions.

Hypericum or St Johns Wort is the most well known of all herbs in the treatment of depression and nervous system disorders, but there are many other herbal medicines that not only improve the action of Hypericum, but deal with symptoms of anxiety, assist relaxation and act as adaptogens, ie helping the system to adapt to and cope better with, stress.

Managing any physical symptoms at the same time can also be achieved with herbs, supplements and good diet and of course-exercise!