Are you interested in joining a cancer support group?

Michael Thomsen is considering starting a cancer support group for cancer patients, friends and families.

Please contact us to register your interest in joining our cancer support group. Contact Hobart Naturopath by ringing reception on 6223 4842 or by email.

What is a cancer support group?

A support group is two or more people who come together regularly and voluntarily to discuss shared experiences. Most groups are face-to-face, but they can also be over the phone or online.

What happens in a typical support group meeting?

Support groups provide an opportunity for people to share their experiences and feelings with others who are ‘in the same boat’. The group leader or facilitator may lead a discussion about particular topics or experiences, such as what it’s like to talk to your children about cancer.

A meeting could involve laughter, tears, empathy, love, acceptance and/or learning something new. 

Groups can also help participants become more informed about cancer-related topics, such as treatments, side effects, exercise and nutrition, relationships and life after cancer. Most groups regularly invite speakers to present topics of interest at meetings.

Guest speakers may include doctors, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, naturopaths and pharmacists.   

Why do people join a support group?

The main reason people seek support is because they are feeling anxious about the cancer and its ‘social burden’. A cancer diagnosis can also be a very isolating and lonely experience, especially if a person has little experience with cancer or doesn’t know about support available. Isolation can lead to distress, fear and feelings of abnormality.

Please contact Hobart Naturopath if you are interested in joining our cancer support group by ringing reception on 6223 4842 or by email.

For further information, view information sheet from the Cancer Council.