Herbal medicine can improve fertility

One of the greatest delights as a naturopath working in women’s’ health is when I get a call or a return visit from a client with fertility issues, to inform me of a pregnancy!

There are many causes of infertility and some cannot be helped, but in numerous cases working with herbal medicines and nutrients to improve ovulation, uterine tone and egg viability, not to mention sperm motility and quality, can result in a very welcome outcome!

There are still situations of course, when a client may need to go down the assisted fertility route. Even then, herbs can be of great assistance while doing IVF cycles, and experience seems to indicate improved odds of a successful outcome.

This morning’s call was from a woman who has been trying for almost two years to conceive and was booked in for an IVF appointment next month.

She conceived after only two months on herbal and nutritional treatment and is now nine weeks pregnant - I look forward to meeting this new baby (though not as much as the parents do!)