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Bioimpedance Analysis is a completely non-invasive tool for measuring your internal body composition. From the findings, you are provided with a full health assessment and the dietary and lifestyle tools you need to improve your general wellbeing, age healthily, increase vitality, and address any specific health concerns.

It is a completely safe, painless and scientifically validated test that was developed to monitor patients in a hospital setting during rehabilitation; and has since been used in several missions in space to monitor changes to astronauts’ muscle tissue and cellular health.

Bioimpedance Analysis can provide information on the following:

  • How much fat and muscle your body consists of
  • The ideal fat to muscle ratio and weight for your frame
  • Hydration levels (both inside and outside the cells)
  • The quality of your muscle tissue
  • Your cellular age
  • Your level of risk for metabolic disease

You will benefit from this anti-ageing test if you want to:

  • Manage your weight effectively
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve your energy levels and minimise fatigue
  • Age healthily (and slowly!)
  • Learn how to support your body nutritionally
  • Gain insight into your body beyond what the mirror tells you

Erin Collins will help interpret and explain the results of the analysis and discuss possible lifestyle options for maintaining or attaining optimal health and wellbeing. Recommendations may include dietary recommendations, exercise options, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicines.